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The Lenawee County Fair is not only fun, but educational for children and adults alike. 4-H members from around the county attend the annual Lenawee County Fair to display their progress and hard work from the previous year. There are barns filled with 4-H animals and projects. On the midway there is food, entertainment, and rides.
First, is 4-H. 4-H is a large part of the County Fair. 4-H is a not-for-profit youth organizations whose mission is "engaging youth to reach their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development.” 4-H is a very educational experience for children to learn responsibility,citizenship, leadership, life skills, time management, safety, and much more. In the United States there are approximately 90,000 clubs and 6.5 million members. There are 37 clubs in Lenawee County alone. Kids eighteen years of age and younger can join 4-H.
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The fair is where the 4-H members bring their livestock and static projects to be displayed and judged. There are eight 4-H barns filled with animals at the fair. There are barns for each species of animal: rabbits , goats, sheep, horses, dairy cows, beef cows, swine, and poultry. 4-H members are judged on their knowledge of their animal and it species, how to inspect and display the animal, and the health and fitness of the animal. Some animals are raised for their meat. These are known as terminal projects. After these animals are judged, they are sold by the 4-H members at the Fair Auctions. Static projects include photography, pottery, horticulture, sewing, woodworking, and much, much more. Performing arts are also considered a static project. The 4-H members are interviewed by the respective judge and the quality of their workmanship is critiqued. 4-H members spend countless hours on their fair

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