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Research question: you wonder why she could commit to these awful times. I wanted to find out how she killed all these people and what she was thinking. Why she put the body parts in her teacakes and soap? Synopsis: leonarda cianciulli the deadly soap maker of Correggio. Was the worst female serial killer there was. I chose this serial killer to see what was going on in her head and what she did. Have you ever wondered why a serial killer does what they do and why they do it? She used a special ingredient for her teacakes and soap can you guess what she used? If you guessed her victim 's body parts you guessed right . Can you image doing something this horrific or even picture it at all to be happening in this world? Leonarda Cianciulli…show more content…
("Leonarda Cianciulli » Ladies ' Handbook Of Murder".) Leonarda had been dabbling with soap making. She had used Faustinas remains and made soap but she saved the blood and mixed it in her teacakes. Not only once but twice more, she repeated the same steps that murdered Faustina. Two these two beautiful women, Virginia Cacioppo and Francesca Soavi. She got away with the first two, but she wasn’t so lucky the third time. ( Oliviera, James. "Leonarda Cianciulli ) Virginia was Leonardas last victim and she didn 't exactly get away with that one. Virginias sister-in -law had seen her go into Cianciulli’s home but never saw her come out. Leonarda should have done a better job of cleaning up after her mess. When the authorities showed up and she got interviewed Leonarda immediately admitted to everything. She believed that denying the facts would undo all the sacrifices she had created. The things that Leonarda had done or horrific, but their is one thing “ you can never accuse Leonarda for being wasteful. Her sentence was very strange in the sense that she only got thirty years in prison. But instead of being free she had to endure three extra years in a criminal asylum. ( "Leonarda Cianciulli » Ladies ' Handbook Of
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