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Liberalism in international relations is represented by contradicting claims about the necessity of the conflict as a way of resolving contention among members of the international community and vice versa highlights the possibility of peace between independent states. American presidnet Ronald Regan in his speech beore the British Parliament stated that government based on respect for individual freedoms is reflected in its foreign policy of restraint and peaceful inclinations. (Doyle, 1997, page 205) Throughout the times, liberalism has gone through many changes and has established different varieties of the theory. The first stage of liberalism, known as philosophic liberalism, lasted from the 17th to the early 19th century. A philosopher, John Locke was the first one to point out liberal thoughts and views. The only aspect at the beginning of liberalism was to assure liberal requirements for freedom for the society. The common saying “Laissez-faire” became a convenient motto of Liberalism. (Milton Friedman, 1956, page 1, para 1) Other aspects such as requirement of political equality as acceptance of democratic principles of popular sovereignty, and universal suffrage, are represented in the second half of 19th century known as…show more content…
For the very founder of the pacifist ideas of union between liberal-democratic states is reputed philosopher Immanuel Kant, whose theory later followed Michael Doyle pertaining authorship of democratic peace theory. (Ulrich Krotz, 2011, page 54-44) According to Doyle, who presented his view on the topic, states “liberal democracies are uniquely willing to eschew the use of force in their relations with one another.” (Andrew Linklater, 1993, page

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