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Liberalism is an ideology that is based on the importance of individual liberty and the values of individualism, which includes their rights and freedoms, self interest, competition, economic freedom, rule of law, and private property. That list is their main principles and shows what they value. It is a balance between collectivism and individualism, more or less favoring towards the right side of the spectrum and containing more principles from individualism. To many, Liberalism seems the best. In fact, it is the only platform that enables political leaders and social groups to cooperate and to introduce social changes and political reforms. It sounds rather ideal for nations, but do democracies opting for Liberalism have a right to promote…show more content…
In fact, it will overlook a lot of different important necessities. For example, Liberalism focuses heavily on the importance of individualism, but often will overlook one's necessity for individual solidarity. It also changes our thinking and making us blindly put too much faith in the government to run our lives, expecting us to give up things in exchange for that security. Because of the way of thinking is changed, the citizens are given a more entitlement mentality. With the ever growing list of social programs, subsidies, and entitlements, people start to look at the government as their solution rather than the cause of their problems. The entitlement mentality, in turn, encourages the growth of government and the cycle continues, creating a downward spiral toward disaster. Liberalism is obviously a loose and rather obscure concept covering several ideas, not always compatible with one another in different historical contexts. It extends from radical free market capitalism to certain forms of the welfare state, from Ludwig von Mises to John Rawls, from Reaganomics to the European

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