Essay On Liberty And Security

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he United States of America hasn’t necessarily “swung” too far away from its heritage of liberty. With most issues there isn’t really such a thing as the “good old days;” there has been political movements on trying to cash in their liberty for security since the 1800s. There has always been a tension between people who value liberty and people who want to throw America values aside so that they can be comfortable and prosperous and also safe. Fortunately, the importance and fragility of freedom is written strongly enough into our culture that they rarely get very far. The passage of unconstitutional law and a denial of liberty to men all happen because we permit it. Our leaders seem to forget the Federal Government was created by the States, not the other way around. This nation was established by God and the people, not by any government. Yet, "we the people" have permitted our government to become too big and powerful and now it exerts far more control over us…show more content…
When it has departed from that course, both liberty and security have suffered. Military strength under firm civilian control is the best guarantor of liberty. Thomas Jefferson once said, “Whatever enables us to go to war, secures our peace.” In this saying, it was in the Cold War, when U.S. strength and the system of government that underpinned it led to an American victory without a great war, and brought the greatest expansion in liberty in the history of the world! By contrast, America’s Cold War enemies sought to achieve military supremacy by planning and central control, organizing their people and their economies around the needs of the state, and denying their citizens’ most basic freedoms. But their ostentatious displays of strength, parades, flyovers, fleets, were all hollow. These were the products of governments that were at war with the security and liberties of their
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