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A Look in the History of Liberty Hill, Texas
The region of Liberty Hill, Texas was the home to a lot of Native Americans while the territory was claimed to be a part of Spain, Mexico and France. After winning their independence from Spain, the territory became a part of Mexico. In a span of three decades territory had changed hands once more and became the Republic of Texas. In the following decades to come, different settlers from all over Europe and the eastern part of the country migrated into Liberty Hill, Texas. Due to the threat of war with Mexico, the republic joined the United States as the state of Texas.
After becoming a part of the United States, a fort was built to the west of the region and added military support from the U.S. Army. More settlers came in to claim free land grants through legislature and settled in the region.
By the 1850s, the region had enough settlers in the area to have their own postal office and be accorded a town name. The community continued to prosper while the threat of the Native Americans went down. During the 1860’s the region once again entered a state of flux as changed flags and became a state through the Confederacy even if there was
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It shifted from a town where stage coaches are the norm to using train tracks as a mode of their new transportation. The train tracks were built near Austin and businesses followed the opportunity. The town also began to get connected through train tracks and the businessmen from the community recognized the opportunity of the railroad to take their businesses to the next level. Once the railroads were done, the people of Liberty Hill, Texas turned into education to help their citizens. A petition was created to build a college to cater to its community. The petition and the building of the college paved the way for other institutions to be built, like the Liberty Hill Observer Newspaper and The Church
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