Essay On Life After Stress

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What is stress and why is it such a problem in today’s world?

According to the Irish Heart Foundation [1] Stress can mean different things to different people. Stress is often defined as a mismatch between the demands placed on us and our ability to cope with these demands. The way we cope with these demands will depend on the way we think, our personality and our previous life experiences.

We live in a time where our environment has become so toxic and stressful; it’s hard to escape the pressure placed upon us. Our relationship with self has become corrupt and incongruent as we are not living our truth, we live in compliance, we have been programmed to be compliant from the moment we arrived on the planet. There is little room for us to be ourselves or who we want to be or live our lives within our own truth and therefore a conflict grows within
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We take jobs that don’t suit us out of the same fear. Also we hold jobs of high prestige because of our ego. We seldom take time to look at the job/work we do and ask the question: Do I love doing what I do? We cannot allow ourselves to look at that possibility, because by looking we see something that does not fit, that is not congruent with who we are and once we see, we cannot un see and thereafter the conflict grows and in the inner dialogue grows louder and louder until we listen or break.

We live in a world where we hear about stress all the time, we know of the health issues it can cause, the depression, heart disease and the suicides that have occurred from stress.

Stress is not a fad or a diminishing of one’s coping abilities or strategies; it is a danger to us and needs to be dealt with when it is
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