Causes Of Loss Of Job Essay

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Life Events
Loss of Job
One example of a life changing event is the loss of a job. It is one of the most significant stresses that a person can face. Upon learning about a layoff, almost every area of your life can be affected. While a layoff affects each person in a unique way, there are certain areas of life that are almost always impacted to some degree or another. Termination from a job affects a person economically, emotionally, existentially, socially and within families. The types of reactions the individual may exemplifies are physiological, psychological, positive and negative reactions.
Physiological Reaction
The individual may find himself very restless while worrying about his financial situations after the loss of his/her job.
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Eg. Homes, vehicles and jobs. These feelings will include intense emotions like fear, anxiety, sadness, guilt or depression.
Positive Reaction
Natural disasters are highly stressful events that can cause lots of damage. Individual with positive reactions knows how to manage your stress levels even though it may seem like there is so much left to be done. They take time to allow time to look after themselves and their families. They can also help to find things to distract themselves and give a helping hand to others that need help. Finding meaning behind the tragedy and accept the changes that the natural disaster have left them with.
Negative Reaction
After a disaster is over, some people experience symptoms such as intrusive thoughts, repetitive distressing memories, increased use of drugs and alcohol, nightmares and strong feelings of sadness, fear or depression. They may be consistently worried about finding a place to live, conflict between family members and cleaning up the mess. An individual may be withdrawn from society due to not being able to deal with the changes to routine and while facing financial stress over loss of possession and love ones.

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