Essay On Life Expectancy

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Women have a longer life expectancy than men on average. Even in past years, women have lived longer than men. The average life expectancy for men was 46.3 years and for women was 48.3 years in 1900. Average life expectancy for men increased to 65.6 years and 71.1 years for women in 1950 (Life Expectancy). From 2010 to 2013, the life expectancy for men was still lower: 68.5 years and for men and 73.5 years for men (World). So why is life expectancy so important to know? If you know a country’s life expectancy, you know the country’s healthcare technology, economics, education, and etc. (Khalsa). Will women still have a higher life expectancy in the future too? How can the life expectancy of men and women be balanced out?
Why do women live longer than men? Full-time employment of men was 34% while it was 18% for women in 2013 worldwide (Ray). Therefore, the risks of getting ill later in their lives increase as a result of labor. Due to the fact that stress has more negative effects on men than it does to women, men have a higher risk of getting high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, and heart attacks, and they are more likely to have been diagnosed with severe depression. In contrast, women are unlikely to have been diagnosed with severe depression (Myers). In addition to that, 61% of people who got
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Life expectancy of men and women cannot be perfectly balanced out the unless Y-chromosomes are able to obtain microRNAs with our current technology. Even if scientists work hard as Thomas Edison, they will not be able to acquire that technology after a few decades, unfortunately. Nevertheless, men can still live long like the tortoise by becoming fit, eating healthy foods, and taking care of their health. Even Sakari Momoi, the world’s oldest man who died last year at the age of 112, said that his key to long life was sleeping well like a sloth and eating healthily
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