Cause Of Juvenile Crimes

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In our country The United States, there are many juvenile center packed with juveniles that have done some type of crime to end up in these centers. The minors in these detention centers have done a crime rather it was minor or major. Some judges want some of these young people to serve life in prison as adults and some believe they shouldn’t. Some courts want to see juveniles facing life in prison for crimes they’ve committed , these juveniles need to be heard and given a second chance they are still growing and do not yet have the same mentality as adults and have examples being set in their surroundings. Courts want to send juveniles to face a life sentence in prison for the crimes they’ve done without the chance to speak up for…show more content…
In“Startling Finds On Teenage Brains” they did a new experiment showing the growth from a small child to when they’re big. He states that “Basically” the brain is like a puzzle, and growth is fastest in the exact parts the kid needs to learn skills at different times. “ it’s all a process”. These children are still growing and are completely different from adults so they don’t view everything the same.“ Young people are biologically different from adults. Brain imaging studies reveal that the regions of the adolescent brain responsible for controlling thoughts, actions and emotions are not fully developed.” (pg 93) Paul mentions in the article he wrote that there are brain cells being lost in the children's brains were controlling impulse and self control so that’s why these children act violent and out of control. We should be able to help these children on helping them grow and not left with no faith of help on there journey of…show more content…
Things that surround these youngsters influences them to do bad things. Marjie Lundstrom mentions a few case with children trying things from tv shows, videos games etc.. In the case of Lionel Tate who was twelve he killed a little girl says he was imitating a show. Many things that they watch they want to imitate and that's what they end up in trouble, and also believe it's okay to do similar things that they see on the media. In the article “ Kids Are Kids…” there is another case of a fifteen year old claimed he was mimicking a TV program who rob banks and now is doing a 26 year sentence term. (pg.87). Brazill shot to death his english teacher because she would not let him say buy to two girls on his last day in school , he didn’t have self control.We need to put some type of stop to violent media influencing our young people. Juveniles should not face time in prison for crimes they’ve committed but should be helped out in growing to be a better person. They are still kids , they have no self control and need help in guiding them , they don’t have a clear mentality and still are in the process of growth.Instead of punishing these children is only making them worst , so they need to be heard and helped through the journey of growth from a young children to becoming an
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