Essay On Life In The 1950's

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When a new year starts people set goals for that year; Some decide to get new habits others decide to get rid of old ones, some people decide to accomplish old goals and other only to get better. From 1946 to 1959 America pass for several changes. People were fearless and more modern, and start to accept things such as birth-control, fast foods, and had the culture emerge. In a mix of good and bad choices America saw itself gaining a new face and becoming a different country. The life of adults of the GI generation in the 1950’s was very different than the life of all generations that came before them. Some of the most famous people from that time were Walt Disney, Lyndon Johnson, George Bush, Bob Hope, John Wayne Ann Landers, Billy Graham, Jimmy Stewart, Charles Lindbergh, and Joe DiMaggio. The GI were “fearless but not reckless” and they fight for education,ideas and well being. Birth-control became very popular in their generation, however it was vew in a way that people separate the consequences from their actions. Another thing that gain popularity was traveling for business and fun, as a consequence the streets and Highway improved. I believe this time was very similar to when the United States pass the crises of 2007 because…show more content…
Those babies were raise in a new way. The limits parents had in them were different from previous generations. Many times the Baby boomers had the right to make all choices regarding education and behavior. Kids became adults with no life experience what lead them to make many mistakes such as abuse of drugs and abuse of the sexual life. An important aspect of the Baby boomers was that they were the target of the business. Songs, clothes, foods, shows, electrodes and other things were make specific for them. Baby boomers were all about material things and freedom. In Brazil the kids still have a market waiting for them; and the power to make all decisis just like that Baby boomers
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