Essay On Life Is A Gift

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“Life is a gift. Never take it for granted.” This quote is short but full of meaning; life is a gift from God and not all of us are able to receive this gift. Some of us are given but just for a short period of time. We are lucky to live our life until this very moment. We may not appreciate our purpose in living now but we should always remember that we are created for a purpose and that we should not take our lives for granted for we are lucky enough to be given this chance to love, laugh, and live. We should not take our lives for granted because we have a lot of things to be thankful for. Life is a gift so we do not have the right to take it from other people, it is only God who have the right to take it back.
Death penalty or execution is a penalty imposed by the court as a punishment of a crime. But that does not mean
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We have the right to live whatever gender, raise, color, and religion we have. Human rights are rights and freedom that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. Human rights cannot be taken away from us even if sometimes we break laws. Our rights showcase the basic values of life like dignity, equality, fairness, and respect. Human rights are protected law from our government. Our rights are also our weapon in life that will help us protect in our daily life.
Third, death penalty should not be imposed because it will also affect the lives of innocent people. They may commit crimes but they do not deserved to be killed immediately because every crime has an equivalent punishment. If those people who commits crime will be killed immediately then how about their family? You will not just take the life of one but you also take the lives of their families because they will be affected of what happened. This worry may become a serious illness that can lead them to depression, depression may lead to death and it will take another life, an innocent
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