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When it comes to life support, it may seem as if every patient can be kept on it until they get better, but what if the chances are very rare, should they still be kept on life support? Life Support was originally intended to help the body perform functions when they are unable to operate to keep the being alive until further treatment is available or the natural healing process begins. Often the general public is misleading when the availability of this method grows because millions of dying patients are now kept on life support. A dying person should not be kept on life support because it does not prove to be ethical, and can lead to harmful side-effects and keeping a dying person on life support just breaks false hopes which build up in…show more content…
Just imagine, a small family living in the false hope that their grandfather will get better from life support, and once he dies they may never hope again and will go through depression, mood swings and lack of happiness. Where as if they were prepared and accepted the fact their grandfather will no longer live, they could have enjoyed the last moments with him and let him die with ease, naturally. Also the ones who love the dying patient most, will even let go of once in a life time opportunities just waiting weeks, months and even years for the person to start healing because of the false hope. Lives can become completely dull and changed when dying patients are kept on life support, their families will not get the chance to move on and change. Finally even in the shoes of the dying person, they may choose life support because it gives them false hope, rather than trying to fight they would just give up and stick to that method. They would lose all their positivity because they will be just thinking if life support all day and would lose the happiness even in the last moments in their life.

As you may notice, keeping a dying person on life support can prove to have many negative effects, some unintentional, some just because our emotions don’t allow us or even because of the false hope that seems to build up. Life support is meant for temporary use only and should not be used for a dying

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