Personal Narrative: A Person Who Changed My Life?

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When I was younger I use to spend lots of time with my oldest brother dakota. I can recall the time we spent at our first house in the creek that was behind the trees in the back. We use to pile rocks up and make a small dam. There use to be crawfish there as well, and we would catch a couple and let them go. Later on in life things got more extreme, countless bike races and challenges that normally ended with me getting hurt somehow but that always seemed to just be part of what we did.
My brother is 6 feet tall with a moderately built muscle tone. He has scraggly brown hair that hangs about to his eyebrows when he’s not wearing a hat and a brown and red beard thinly grown. A country boy is what dakota was when he was young and throughout
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This was a very rough time for us and it created a rift between us. We still shared some fun times every now and then like on snow days or some weekends that he wasn’t out with friends. It was until after he had graduated high school and we both moved to my dads. When he moved here things just started doing better between us we hung out every night and day that we had the chance. He became my best friend, took me to school, came to my sports and we would talk for along time at night he became someone I could talk to and ask for advice from. Suddenly that all had to change, I came home from school excited to hang out with him but when I arrived his car wasn’t there. We didn’t hear from him until a couple days later and it turned out he had been fired from his job and drove back to nebraska. It was hard on me because it was so unexpected and I had grown very close to him I wasn’t ready for him to go.
Today my brother is still someone who inspires my future and gives me advice for the hard times. Although he is starting his own life now and we don’t talk as much I know any time I need him he will answer me. Through everything my brother and I have been through he has been the most significant person in my life. Inspiring me to do the things I now love to do and motivating me to push harder in my sports. Even as simple as what I wore was like him, he inspired most of my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way my brother is a great
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