The Importance Of Life Without Parole

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Life Without Parole
Taking man’s life is never a solution to attain justice. Life is very essential and important. All of us has our own right to live. We must value life just how it is given no matter what and where the situation takes us. There is no other reason that man’s life must be taken aside from illness and sickness. When someone committed a crime, there are several consequences that corresponds to all of his actions, but, whatever they have done something against the law, they don’t have the right to take one’s life in exchange. Is it really possible to take one’s life to pay the other one? Some people are quite satisfied by a lifetime imprisoning in exchange of the crime instead of having the conscience. Though, other people does not want that kind of consequence for their loved ones who became the victim that suffered. They think that the only way that the victim’s peace will be the death of the suspect. That scheme is called death penalty. Is it really acceptable that justice must be done in taking one’s life? For us, it must be avoided and abolish because first of all,
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Why do we say so? We say so, because we believe that if you kill someone who did something wrong then you made yourself like a criminal too. You will just turn yourself into a murderer instead of being a justice provider. In conquering justice for victim, other people does not have the right to punish the suspect in their own hands. Let’s say that it’s part of their law to give penalty in killing or taking man’s life. Let’s say that it’s legal in their country but that’s an invalid reason to take their lives. Death penalty is such a lame excuse in seeking justice. Aside from that when there’s no such enough evidence that it’s really his crime, death is not the solution. You might just commit mistake. Remember, you can’t correct a mistake by replacing it by another
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