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Technology is an essential part of people’s lives, they don’t want to live with it but they can’t live without it. Most people, when asked if they would prefer a life without the perks given by technology say yes but this answer is always followed by a reasonable explanation of why they can’t.

Technology exists since the beginning of time, it was just seen different and it was unreachable to many but it has certainly changed the world throughout time. Nowadays, technology is present in every aspect of a person’s life, personal and professional. Society has changed.

As everything in life, it has had both positive and negative impact in development and evolution, all depends on the way it is perceived. Communications, for example, a branch
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It is completely true that technology has helped people, mostly housewives, to make their lives easier in addition to have more space for personal time. A lot of women complain about the fact that when having a husband, a house and a family to take care of is almost impossible to have time for themselves. Smart locks, smart coffee machines, baby monitors, the “baby shusher”, smart aspirators and many other home gadgets given by technology make that personal time breach craved by many a little more reachable even though sticking to technology and its improvements make life very impersonal sometimes. There are people who prefer to stay in bed watching a soap opera while supervising their baby remotely through a monitor. Many people forget about feelings and making memories because they are focusing on making their lives easier and monotonous when driven by technology and refuse to stop and think about the many options available to do something. Don’t forget about social media madness, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat no one thinks about these, they have an important presence in a person’s life and a great influence in the way society is now, people should think for a minute about it and take

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