Essay On Lifeguarding

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Jobs, jobs we all need it to survive or start life. 3/5/16 my mother filed her taxes. While she was requested to provide information about her taxes, Michael, the tax handler whatever is called, told her, that if she removes my niece she would get $4500 less because of her. Michael asked me if I have a JOB and I said no. anyways long story short my mom said she prefers to make less than have me as a dependent. In other words, get a JOB Andy. What she didn’t know is that I applied for a part time position as lifeguard, Budweiser, sales representative and after applying for the lifeguarding position I received a call. However, I wasn’t able to answer the phone because I was in the bank, so after I left the bank I bought some fruits and then went home. When…show more content…
After writing a couple of sentence which probable have taken me at least 38 minutes I’m noticing I using the word I frequently and is hard for me to change it is like if my mind is stuck on the I’m going to try to eliminate this bad habit of mine and think of more productive words or vibrant words that can influence others’ to become better writers. As for me writing is probably one of the things I want to conquer in my life, I find it so useful and it would be nice to communicate with more people effective which writing. speaking of writing I have to, wow , I’m really bad at writing I even after noting the I, I’m still using the I but i should expect that I’m not consistent with my writing. Last time I typed was maybe 2 weeks ago. Go dam it, why is it so difficult to write without the letter I makes me feel like I don’t understand clearly. Although I’m not good at writing, ironically I’ve thought about becoming an English professor. Just the thought about becoming an English professor makes me feel unique. I enjoy helping others and influencing others’ so teaching would be the perfect career for
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