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Lifestyle disease is a disease which can be caused by our choices of living. For example, it is contracted through the consumption of a long-term and large amount of unhealthy food (MedicineNet). Besides that, having a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits such as consume huge amount of alcohol and smoking will also cause lifestyle disease. Examples of lifestyle diseases include Alzheimer’s disease, chronic liver disease, cancer, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, stroke and osteoporosis (MedicineNet). The rising of the risk of these diseases are hinged on various kinds of factors including the type of work people do, the location of working place, susceptibility towards stress and the amount of physical activity (MedicineNet). Other kind…show more content…
The government should fund for public health if it is necessary for people who need it. Meanwhile, the government can also try to prevent the public from adopting unhealthy lifestyle. For example, government may give a talk to the public regarding the understanding and prevention of lifestyle diseases such as cancer and heart attack. Other than that, government also can educate the new generation on the understanding of lifestyle diseases as well as the prevention so the rate of the people who get the lifestyle diseases will decrease in future. Other than the education of children, government should take care of the environment. Some types of lifestyle diseases are caused due to the degrading environmental quality. Beside than government, people have to be conscious about our own health. Although lifestyle can be influenced by many factors, it is undeniable that personal choice comes into play too. This is because the fate of contracting lifestyle diseases or not is still dependent towards our own attitude. Hence, we need to take care of our diet, reduce the amount of alcohol, get sufficient amount sleep and spend time on outdoor activities

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