Essay On Limiting Standardized Testing

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The average American student takes about 112 standardized tests between pre-kindergarten and 12th grade (Strauss). A standardized test is any form of test that requires the student to answer the same selection of common questions in a consistent matter, which makes it possible to compare relative student performance. Standardized tests restrict creativity, waste time, and waste money. We should get rid of standardized tests in our school system. Standardized tests limit a student’s ability to express creativity. Since almost every standardized tests is multiple choice, students aren’t allowed to think outside the box. Some students need to explain their answers in a creative way, but they can’t because of our testing system. They are forced…show more content…
Annually, about 1.7 billion dollars are spent on standardized tests (Ujifusa). These tests waste a lot of money and do not improve education in any way. The 1.7 billion dollars that we waste could be spent on higher education, but instead it’s wasted on these tests. Students across America are struggling to pass their classes, and they could use more support from teachers. The money that we’re wasting on standardized tests could go to helping these students, but it’s practically thrown away. There needs to be a better use for this money. Not only are these tests a waste of money, but they’re also a waste of time. Standardized tests take between 20 to 25 hours out of the school year, but the amount of time that students spend studying for them is immeasurable. Students do not learn anything during the testing process. Most students already struggle finding time to do homework, and they have to study for standardized tests on top of their already busy lives. The time that students spend outside of class studying for standardized tests could be used for something more productive. The school also has to create a modified schedule so students can take the standardized test- it will most likely result in shorter class periods, cutting away from valuable learning time. These tests waste incalculable hours during the school day and outside of
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