Essay On Linda's Exile In Brave New World

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Christina Cobos
Mrs. Peterson
AP Literature and Composition
28 August 2016
Linda’s Exile in Brave New World
Through the series of events that tore Linda from her home in London, landed her in the Reservation, and brought her back to "civilized society", Linda was able to experience the joy of motherhood and personal relationships she had been conditioned from birth to despise, but was also forced to experience the pain that comes from being an outsider not only in a strange world, but in your own home.
Through the birth of her son, John, while living in the Reservation, Linda was able to overcome her conditioned response surrounding motherhood. While Linda is still ashamed of becoming pregnant and giving birth, she is able to admit that "Yes, a baby- and I was its mother" (Huxley 151). This confession, made to a group of "civilized" citizens who are conditioned
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Linda was not accepted by the people in the Reservation, nor did Linda accept them. As she described to Lenina, " 's all different here. It 's like living with lunatics. Everything they do is mad." (Huxey 121). Her biggest antagonists were the women of the Reservation, which Linda described as " hateful...Mad, mad and cruel." (Huxley 122). While in London and other “civilized” places citizens were conditioned to freely engage in erotic activities with multiple partners, the Reservation still viewed these activities as immoral until after marriage. These women showed their deep hatred of Linda and her lifestyle when they violently attacked her, which was described as “One of the women… holding her wrists. Another ... lying across her legs, so she couldn 't kick. The third... hitting her with a whip." (Huxley 125) . This experience demonstrates the harm that can come from conditioning, which made ideals and practices so ingrained that Linda could not adapt to fit into this new
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