Essay On Lindbergh Kidnapping

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In 1932, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping electrified the country. Bruno Richard Hauptmann was eventually tried and convicted for the murder of young Charles Lindbergh, Jr. Hauptmann pleaded his innocence right up until his execution in 1936.

You have read several articles and viewed a video relating to the Lindbergh kidnapping and murder. With the evidence you have gathered, determine who you believe murdered young Charles and write an essay that uses evidence from AT LEAST THREE SOURCES to support and explain your conclusions.
Write an essay about who you think killed Charles Lindbergh Jr. using evidence from 3 sources.

Kidnapping and murder don 't always happen together and with the same person. It is rare. Extremely rare. In this unique mystery the the son of a great aviator is kidnapped and then murdered. Charles Lindbergh Jr. is found missing and then murdered by someone cruel, mean, horrible. By examining the PBS Video, Suspect Sheet, Character Cards (Day 3) it is evident that
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He said it in disguise. In the character cards of day 3 it states, “Cemetery John who admitted that they had taken the baby and even sent the baby’s sleeping suit to prove it.” Cemetery John Admitted that he has the baby. This means that because Hauptman was graveyard john. Hauptman proved it himself they have th. In the suspect sheet, “Bruno Richard Hauptmann was the one who said baby the letter he wrote about how much ransom money they wanted. He says in the letter that they have the child and it is in good care.” Hauptman doesn’t state it directly but we know this was written by cemetery john who is hauptman. He wrote himself in this too they have the baby. This matters because Hauptman is already graveyard and cemetery john. In both cases Cemetary/Graveyard John wrote and told that “We have the baby” Also because they said we this also shows that their were a group of people working together on
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