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An investigation of listening comprehension problems encountered by students of Abo Baker AlSadeeq School

The study of English in Saudi Arabia is an important subject for worldwide communication. In some cases, it is a prerequisite for attending universities or getting jobs. English used as a foreign language but not a second language. It is significant to focus on the four skills when you teach students English for academic purposes because this requires a high level of listening as speaking, reading and writing.

However, when it comes to learn or teach English, the focus is extensively on speaking, writing, and reading. Therefore, it is more remarkable that all learners complaining that listening is the most challenging
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He wants to comprehend the listening difficulties that Saudi students have. The aims of his study is to recognize the way that Saudi students think about the listening comprehension study, recognize the most concentrated skills in the past stage of learning, recognize where students can practice English, and finding out some recommendations which help teachers to make great contribution to students to handle the listening comprehension problem.

His study confirmed that there are specific causes lead to listening comprehension problems. These causes are accent, pronunciation, speed of speech, insufficient vocabulary, different accent of speakers, and lack of concentration, anxiety, and bad quality of recording. He believed that a great emphasis should be placed on receiving language input because this is an important factor to acquire language. He also said that students receive an important input from listening in the classroom. Hamouda also believed that the most important skill in the process of communication is listening.
Dr Hamouda listed some causes behind the listening comprehension problem. a- Unclear

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