Describe The Importance Of Listening Skills

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In Detail Listening skills are paramount for babies. They quickly develop a large vocabulary just by listening. Although they are not yet able to speak the known words, they will demonstrate understanding by looking at familiar objects or people when asked or by pointing to them. By building up good listening skills in a child’s early years, we can establish a good foundation for developing a range of other important skills, including those that help them build social relationships and communicate well with others. In our curriculum, we decided to introduce the broader concepts of mindfulness, which supports children in their process of understanding, focus, and most importantly, their sense of well-being. Mindful people are those who know how to be fully present and in the moment. That means that they perceive the world with all their senses and can…show more content…
Show them how to pay attention to sounds around us. Continue with mindful listening activities followed by talking about the sounds you’ve heard. Ask children to close their eyes and listen to all the sounds around them and listen quietly. Explore sounds by playing listening games: find a nice spot in the garden and have them close their eyes and listen for a few minutes to all the sounds around them. Afterwards, they open their eyes and talk about what they heard. Compare with them your experience and guess the origins of sounds together. Play games that involve listening for instructions like songs that ask children to touch certain parts of the body (for example, touch your nose or your left hand). Engage children in discovering the many stories, songs, rhymes from all across the world. Have fun, point to funny sounds and use funny and exaggerated voices. Dance to your favourite songs, and you can make an accompaniment by using various homemade

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