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Recently there has been a growing concern about the lack of support for what many would argue is the cornerstone for creativity and originality: music, art, and extracurricular activities. The Federal Government-commissioned report released in October last year recommended Australia 's school curriculum should refocus teaching in early childhood years on literacy and numeracy ( However, many schools are worried if there is a shift away from fostering creative and critical thinking skills, students will not learn the skills needed when they enter the workforce. Educators are arguing for creativity to be taken just as seriously as literacy and numeracy despite a national curriculum review suggesting its focus be reduced.
The idea that we are “educating people out of their creativity” (Robinson) is noticeable because we are educating students to be autonomous workers, rather than creative thinkers.
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Creativity, problem solving and developing our imagination is just as important and it needs to happen alongside if we expect kids to solve the problems of the 21st century. Literacy by itself is not enough for students. Today’s high school graduates are entering a workforce that has changed drastically in the last couple decades. It will continue to evolve as technology becomes more advanced, globalization becomes more prevalent, and the basic workforce expectations transform. Students will need to know how to adapt to the unfamiliar future. If they are not creative and they do not feel happy to take risks and have a “go and fail” with the idea that then they can go on to more, then they are not going to cope with the things that are going to be thrown at them. To run or work within a successful company, it takes problem solving and critical thinking skills, creativeness, and social skills, such as leadership and having an open

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