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Literacy Autobiography
My earliest memories I have about reading are in my first grade classroom. Till this day I consider my 1st grade teacher the best teacher I ever had. She was an incredible lady that did all she could to make all her students successful. In first grade was when I was introduced to many enjoyable books at first I really didn’t like reading but, then the pictures and all the illustrations in general would grab my attention and I was anxious to finish the book. In my elementary years I remember having a reading class called S.F.A (Success for All).
The S.F.A class was every single day at 8am and it lasted for about 45 minutes. The class consisted in getting into partners and moving our chairs sideways and reading a small book to each
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It was until the 6th grade when I really enjoyed reading the Junie B Jones books. The Junie B Jones books were my favorite. I still remember every week in my reading class our teacher would take us to the library to check out a book. I would always go for the smallest book, but books with great illustrations in the cover because those were my favorite. There was one book in particular that I loved to check out, and was another one of my favorites the book was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst. I could say that in middle school was when I decided to focus more in reading and I also realized that reading was very important. I realized that reading gave me life and helped me escape from any kind of problem I was having. I remember having several hard times and I remember grabbing a book and reading until falling asleep. Reading has always made me feel better. I have read almost all of the Nicholas Sparks books and I have really enjoyed all of them because I could actually imagine myself in the story. I believe reading is like a power we all should have a bit of because reading is everything in
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