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Literary translation is the translation of the literary works such as novel, drama, and poetry. Moreover, it is a difficult type of written translation. It is not only a translation of literary text, but also the translation of emotions and cultural nuance. Thus, the translator is biased either on the source culture or on the target culture. The issues of literary translation are related to the meaning, to the time of tradition literature, to translation loss, and the culture.

Fictional works refer to literature created from imagination. It is more complicated than other genres of translation. The translator tries to create the same reaction, the same atmosphere and the same emotions. It is important to highlight that the translator can be a victim of the cultural association, otherwise, he/she can be unfaithful to the target text. Although it is necessary to find equivalence in the target language, but sometime the translator is biased to the target culture. For intense, in the short story by زكريا ثامر, the girl called قيس و ليلى to a boy and girl. It seems they are falling in love. قيس و ليلى has been translated to Romeo and Juliet.
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Thus, the translator follows using the grammatical and cultural features of the ST. It would be more or less literal translation. For intense, It is not consistent with the principle of etiquette, the hierarchy of authority, the good rule of prince. Also, a fundamental issue in translation Arabic classical literature is the issue of time and place. For example, the معلقة لبيد, it seems that is hard to create the same effect on the TL audience and foremost to the native. It is difficult to juxtapose between the pre- Islamic generation and the new modern one. So, in this case, it is better to use the modern version and new edition of the classical

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