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Literature is one of the important elements in life. Why? Because through literature, we can express our feelings, convey our thoughts and show others our concern regarding matters in our daily life. To be able to use literature as a medium of communication, we have to get used to it at a young age. But, just like the adults, children also have their own concerns. And one of the ways to deal with this situation is by using bibliotherapy method. So, what is bibliotherapy method? What are the children’s concerns? In this essay writing, I will elaborate more about these issues. Pardeck (1994) defines that bibliotherapy generally refers to the use of literature to help people cope with emotional problems, mental illness, or changes in their lives. Based on this definition, we can understand that bibliotherapy is actually one of the methods to assist people settle down of emotional problems, mental illness and the changes that happen in their daily lives by using literature. The use of books, poems, short stories, rhyme, and poetry are the example of literature elements that actually we can use to help people around us. But in this writing,…show more content…
Children will know that they are not the only one who faced the problem, because the other children also faced the same situation. Adams and Pitre (2000) state that reading books give clients the chance to learn and relate to the experience of other people. From the experience of the others, children will be able to find a solution to the conflict by themselves. We as an adult are not responsible to find them the way, but we need to assist them in the way to make it. This is because it will help the children to be matured and thinking more often. Bibliotherapy also responsible to help a client to develop self-concept, increased understanding of human behaviors, and reduce emotional or mental pressures (Aiex,
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