Process Essay: How To Litter Train A Cat

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A lot of people are wondering about how to litter train a cat or how to get a cat back to using the litter box. In our time we almost immediately start making assumptions that the cats litter problems arise because of stress, jealousy or even un-happiness. Very often though, cats who have used the litter box but aren't doing that anymore have physical complaints that need to be addressed. These problems can range from diabetes and kidney problems to different kinds of infections in the bladder. For this reason it is recommended to always have your kitten examined by a trained vet or have the vet at least take a urine sample to exclude physical issues.

This guide will focus on what can be done to litter train cats after it already has been established that the
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It could also indicate that the kitten was removed from it's mother too early. In this case prepare yourself for a ride where a lot of patience will be required from your side.

In those moments when you are unable to keep an eye on your kitten, it's recommended to lock the kitten up in a confined space with a litterbox in it. This way the cat will not have any other choice but to use the toilet when he needs to. If you let the cat roam through your home freely, you should put him back on the litterbox every once in a while to make him grasp the idea of an assigned toilet.Please do award good behavior with a treat or a cuddle, the litter box experience should be something very positive to you cat and make the cat want to use the toilet.

It would also be wise to take one of his paws and gently move it through the sand simulating the covering of his droppings. It will take some patience but the kitten will understand eventually. However, keep in mind that for a young cat to start using the litterbox should be like a second nature and it should take you very little effort to achieve this.


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