Essay On Little Haiti Culture

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Little Haiti: A Threatened Cultural and Ethnic Enclave Little Haiti, also known as La Petite Haïti, is a vibrant Haitian cultural and ethnic enclave located in Miami, Florida (2, 8). The enclave sprawls over several city blocks and is recognized by the government as a cultural center for Haitian immigrants (2, 8, 12). But Little Haiti is a rather recent phenomenon and prior to the 1980’s the area was called “Lemon City” (2). The enclave formed as a result of the destruction of Duvalier’s dictatorship, which created a political vacuum that subsequently plunged Haiti into chaos-the country experienced no less than four military coups in this time (1, 13). This crisis was a significant push factor and consequently large numbers of Haitians immigrated to the United…show more content…
This extends to all forms of art. The Little Haiti Cultural Center is doing a lot to keep Haitian art alive in this increasingly homogenizing pop culture. They endorse Afro-Caribbean art and dance through lessons and frequent shows and festivals (3). For example, modern, and traditional dance classes for both adults and children happen on a weekly basis. And the festivals are open to all, not just Haitians; the result is small amounts of day tourism from other cultures (3). These interactions increase cultural understanding between different groups of people and are mutually beneficial. Little Haiti benefits from the economic activity that tourism brings and the tourists benefit from unique cultural exposure. The Center also has an art gallery that often features Haitian artists (3). However, not all the art is confined to galleries, as there is sporadic evidence of the Haitian cultural influence on street art (8, 9, 10). Art makes culture more interactive and fun, and is therefore vital to keeping any culture
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