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INTRODUCTION Livability, in the simplest of words, is the sum of factors which add up to the quality and standard of life in a community. This includes, the natural as well as man built environment, prosperity of the economy, social stability and equity, opportunities for education, health facilities, cultural, entertainment and recreational facilities and above all a controlled state of the law and order. Livability is the most important aspect that determines the growth of a person or a community as a whole in a given place. It is not only important for the individual growths of the persons but also for the city as a whole that flourishes more with content and prosperous citizens. In the present times, many aspects of urban designs and new approaches to cities are formed on the basis of the livability factor. This also focuses on the community to flourish and grow in a more sustainable way. A livable community must be safe and secure with appropriate housing and transportation facilities. These resources help in the advancement of personal independence, personal growth and the aspects of the social, economic and civic life of its residents. Thus, a livable community isn’t just one that offers opportunities of economic growth but the one that also gives ample opportunities for a secured…show more content…
On the contrary where people are segregated and isolated is a dead city- The first principle lays emphasis on the words heard and seen. It refers to a society where there are people interacting with each other on a daily basis within their vicinity. It says that a city is livable only when the people in that particular city have a social life of interacting in all kinds of ways with the people they live around. Any such city where the people are segregated and isolated and where people living near each other have nothing to do with each other would be referred to a city which would be dead and

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