Essay On Living A Long Life

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Brief Introduction (Background information):
Jack is the former school teacher. He has a big family which consists of his wife and three children. They also have their own families and that is why Jack has 4 grand children. However, he does not see them very often as they live in another city and their parent do not have much time to visit Jack. Yet, he likes hours which he spends with them and try to organize meetings as often as it is possible

1. Philosophy on living a long life
It should be said that Jack is very optimistic and it is even possible to conclude that it could be taken as his main philosophy. In the process of dialogue Jack confesses that he had a great number of unpleasant moments in his life, though he always took them with
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Moreover, he is sure that he has much time to perform different kinds of activity which he always wanted to do, though there was no time to do it. He is sure that a person is too old when he/she does not have some bright desires or looses interest for life. The sate of health is not taken by Jack as the indicator of the age.

3. Opinion on the status and treatment of older adults
However, being very optimistic, Jack is not deprived of health problems. Thus, he is sure that he is not better or worse than other adults. He is sure that there should not be some special approach to the treatment of adults and they should be taken as common patients. Moreover, he says that all adults should think like him because such way of thinking can help to avoid problems with the health and no treatment will be needed.
4. Beliefs about health and illness
As we have already said Jack has some problems with his health. He suffers from glaucoma and there the danger to lose his sight completely. Moreover, he has problems with his heart and the tendency for high blood pressure. Though, he is still sure that these problems are not so serious and that they could not prevent him to live his life brightly. He does not like to go to the hospital and try to avoid medication treatment preferring to relying on his own
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