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Living Forever What is the secret for a long life? Humanity’s life has changed in the last years because everyone has the access to any change in technology, which had helped to have a healthier life. At present, people have acquired new customs which has changed their life style, and extended their life time. Therefore, there are three main reasons why people are living longer lives, such as balanced food supply, easy access to medical services, and care about their body. Eating is a pleasure, but it is very important to have a balanced food supply, and in order to enlarge their life, people should change their eating habits in some ways, that are to eat a balanced diet, eat at scheduled times, and avoid junk food. To start, eating a balanced…show more content…
First, doing exercise is a good way to take care of the body because it helps to strengthen muscles, lose weight and to have a healthy heart and lungs. As proof, when humans walk or play any sport, they are exercising all the body’s muscles while they are controlling their breathing and improving the heart resistance avoiding a heart attack. Second, through an adequate hygiene humans can prevent any illness, some of which can risk people’s life. For example, if individuals take a daily shower, wash their hands before and after going to the bathroom, and before each meal, and brushing teeth three times a day, they can avoid some illnesses like stomach ache, diarrhea, cholera, kidney affections, or dental cavities which can change people’s life drastically. Third, to keep the body healthy it is necessary to forget bad habits like smoking, drinking, or watching television all time long while eating junk food, which can damage the body health. To illustrate, when people is smoking, they are damaging their lungs which affects their breathing capability. To add, they are affecting their friends, family, or someone who is close to them because the cigarette smoke is more dangerous for people who is smelling it than for the

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