Essay On Living In The Sahara Desert

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In our world today, there are many people that have to live in harsh conditions. Some of these people live in the Sahara Desert. Though no human should be faced with living in such conditions such as these. There are some people, however, that manage to survive in these living conditions. But how? People living in the Sahara Desert adapt to living in these harsh conditions in many different ways. The environment of the Sahara Desert is very rough and harsh to live in. One reason why living conditions are so harsh is that of the climate. The climate in the Sahara is very hot, which makes it a very hard environment to live in. The temperatures during the day, can reach up to 100 degrees fahrenheit, and this weather is very dry too from the unpredictable rain. So in some areas, it may rain up to three inches, while in other areas, it may not even rain at all which can affect people’s daily lives in the Sahara. In the text, it says, “Temperatures vary greatly between day and night. Daytime temperatures often soar above 100'F. At night, temperatures may drop to below freezing.” (Life in The Sahara 4) People adapt to this climate by having animals such as camels to help carry things from one place to another without having to carry it themselves. They also use the camels to go to certain places and trade, because they need to trade things for other items…show more content…
Farmers use one field of land and plant crops in the field for about one to two years. After the farmers are done using that field of land, they the go onto another field of land and continue the same process. This is how people and farmers try to survive in the desert. It is very difficult to even try to find a field of land to grow crops on, because people might have already used it, or maybe there are none nearby. This is the harsh reality that people go through, but they still make it

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