Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living On Another Planet

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Due to the possibility that the Earth will no longer be a habitable planet-- scientist, physicists, astronomers, and even geologists scrutinize other planets just to look for traces of life and a planet’s ability to support life based on our own needs for survival. But, is it realistic that people can live on another planet?
There are a lot of factors that we need to contemplate in considering the possibility that people can live on another planet. We need to look for a habitable planet, have enough technology, and to consider the capability of people to survive the trip to another planet, and a lot more. So, finding a habitable planet is the first key step.
Brannan (2015) tackled that the possibility that life may and can exist on other
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It doesn’t have atmosphere so it doesn’t have the ability to maintain heat and the temperature can change quickly. Through this, the essential elements that is needed to support life in any form is missing. Living conditions could also be altered for any life forms due to the fact that the gravity on Mercury is less than the gravity on Earth and lastly, Mercury doesn’t have moon.
Venus is the single hottest planet making it completely inhabitable planet. There is no possibility that life would be able to survive on Venus due its thick toxic atmosphere as well as the immense heat on it.
Though Mars was once believed to be capable of supporting life, however its mass when compared to Earth is a mere 1/9th of the mass of the Earth. It is also located further from the sun and its atmosphere lacks oxygen (composed primarily of 95% carbon dioxide, 1.6% argon and 3% nitrogen). It also has significantly lower pressure than the atmosphere found on Earth.
Jupiter is the largest planet in the Milky Way Galaxy and it is made of gas. It is inhospitable to life because it is an extremely hot and uncomfortable planet due to the fact that it absorbs heat from the sun but then outputs twice as much heat and the average temperature of its cloud comes around -244 degrees

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