Earth Is The Only Planet With Life Essay

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Have you ever wondered of what would happen if there was life on other planets? Is it better to stay on Earth or live on other planets? Throughout our life, not only scientist , but we have also been questioning whether Earth is the only planet with life. There are facts supporting both sides, but there is no convincing evidence that has been found to prove whether or not Earth is the only planet with life.

Everyday we wake up and find ourselves surrounded by life. As a human, we do the same things everyday. We eat, we go to school or work and we entertain ourselves. But will Earth remain the same? Remain habitable forever. Scientists have proved that Earth will not remain habitable. One of the factors that makes the Earth cannot be inhabitable
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Research is needed for the sake of mankind . Besides these research incentives, there is also the problem of money. There is lack of money and information that have us grappled. Apart from the issues that interfere with the research, I believe that research is vitally important for the future of mankind.

As time goes by, trash will fill the earth, Earth will run out of resources and there will be no useful or important materials. Without resources, life on Earth will become impossible. The amount we consume each year already far outstrips what our planet can sustain. The World Wildlife Fund estimates that by 2030 we will be consuming two planets worth of natural resources annually.

The Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, an international humanitarian organization, reports that the rapidity of droughts, rains, floods and earthquake over the past decade is triple the number from the 1980s and nearly 54 times that of 1901, when this data was first collected. The presence of these natural disasters cause a climate change leading to severe water shortages, the submersion of coastal areas, and great widespread famine. Rapid developments in technology cause global warming that will make a great impact (hole) in the earth’s ozone
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