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Despite all of the water pressure they’re under, lobsters still find time to dance! If you were to put on scuba gear and travel down through the miles of water to the ocean floor, what would you find? Well, apart from sand and other fish, you’d find lobsters moving forwards and backwards, performing their swaying lobster dance. This motion helps lobsters move through the water and quickly escape their predators. If they’re skilled enough dancers and can protect themselves from every threat, it’s believed that these creatures, who are part of the marine crustacean family, can live up to 100 years!

When you think of lobsters, you probably picture their bright red bodies — a color that only appears as a result of the cooking process. While they are still dancing on the ocean floor, lobsters are typically brown, green or even blue. Like all crustaceans, lobsters have a rock-hard skin called an exoskeleton. This
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Lobsters use these claws to help them find their favorite foods, like snails, clams and crabs. Can you imagine what life would be like with two different sized hands?
1. What do you think it would be like to have a skeleton on the outside of your body?

2. If a lobster lives in the ocean water like a fish, how do you think it breathes? Do you think a lobster has lungs like we do?
1. Encourage creative thinking.

2. Just like fish, lobsters have gills that let them breathe underwater.
Try to play soccer while imagining you are a
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Lobsters live on the ocean floor, enduring tons of water pressure. Using objects and books from around the room, see how much you can balance on top of your brick lobster without moving or breaking
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