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Pressures for Local Responsiveness
As we have mentioned above, pressure for local responsiveness is one kind pressure which firms must face with when going internationally. Local responsiveness is when a firm need to differentiate their product or service or marketing strategy in different nations. So, when do the pressures for local responsiveness become the greatest? In fact, it will be the greatest pressure for local responsiveness when there are differences in consumer tastes and preferences, infrastructure, accepted business practice, distribution channels, host-government demands.

First and foremost, we talk about the first factor that affects the pressure for local responsiveness: Differences in customer tastes and preferences. This
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Imagine that there is a product that you love and always buy without thinking much. The thing is that, how do you know about the product and why does it make you buy it without thinking? Would this case still be the same for other countries? If the answer is yes, then the global standardization strategy is applied.
A global standardization strategy tends to treat the world as one market, giving no exceptions or very limited adjustment to any individual country. This is the ability to use the same standard marketing strategy for one country to another. This strategy enhances firms to cut cost for additional marketing campaigns for each country that it aims at. As we are all aware that we cannot fulfill every single customer because each individual has their own tastes and interests. We, therefore, cannot please all wants and desires. That is also the reason why firms prefer choosing this strategy in order to cut cost. Another benefit from this strategy is that once the brand has a strong foothold in a country and its reputation is good, then once it is expanded to other countries, the result would be the same. The brand would be once again defined as a strong presence and it has a strong

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