Essay On Locavore Movement

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A locavore movement could be very important movement in a community or town. Locavores are people who decide to eat locally grown food as much as they possibly can, which can also cause much controversy throughout people. Eating locally grown food is a better and healthier way to live. Locally grown foods have both pros and cons but the cons are outweighed by the pros, for instance, locally grown foods taste better, protects from contamination, and has more nutrition. Locally grown food is going to taste so much better if it has been picked and served in its first 24 hours.” Because the produce will be handled less, locally grown fruit does not have to be “rugged” or to stand up to the rigors of shipping” (Masier). When food is grown and shipped to numerous places it has grown old and is…show more content…
Fruit and vegetables that travel shorter distances are therefore likely to be closer to a maximum of nutrition” (Smith and Mackinnon). If a product was grown in Africa and had to be shipped all the way to America, all of the nutrients would be gone, whereas if a product was grown right in your neighborhood all the nutrients would still be in effect. Why would you want to eat a healthy fruit or vegetable and not get any nutrients out of it? That would be useless so locally grown food will give you all of the nutrients you are consuming that product for. Even though some people may feel as if a locavore movement can cause many problems and has many cons, it is a great contribution to communities and health. A locavore movement has so many great attributions to it that everything about it is helpful and beneficial. The idea of a locavore movement would be an amazing opportunity to create a healthier and safer environment for those who choose to live a better life. Better tasting food, protection against contamination, and more nutrients in food can all increase with the encouragement of a locavore
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