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Are people who eat locally grown or produced products, on to something? What is their reason that they believe eating locally grown food, is better? People who eat local food are called or considered Locavores. Locavores eat local foods on the daily, there are even Locavore movements that are happening all over the world. This movement has become widespread over the past decade, this has really caused a huge change in the world because it has helped many people and is considered a healthier option, as well as helping sustainability. Locavores, which is what they are called, are eating locally grown food on the daily, not only is this viewed as a more healthier and nutritious option, but it is also very beneficial to the economy. In London,…show more content…
The locavore movement has helped revive small farms. In source E, they stated that small farms were “declining” for an incredible amount of time, although, due to this movement, small farms have increased by “20%” to “1.2 million,” in only six years. This movement has given many people the chance to farm, to learn a new lifestyle, to make money to support themselves, and has really impacted society tremendously. Due to this movement, many people have jobs again and have really helped farmers come back up, as well as the community because it benefits them as well, by keeping the money within the community. Albeit, sometimes locavores can be wrong. For example, locavores believe that they need to eat local, especially because the food is closer which means it does not take long to pick and thus, it is fresher and more nutritionist. Although, a dietician named Marion Nestle disagreed with this. Nestle mentions that it is not “necessary” to buy and eat produce from local places, in order to be “healthy” (Source B). Since this is the case, that does not mean that being a locavore is a bad thing, it merely shows that there is some flaw in their

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