Essay On Eating Locally Foods

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Are people who eat locally grown or produced products, on to something? What is their reason that they believe eating locally grown food, is better? People who eat local food are called or considered Locavores. Locavores eat local foods on the daily, there are even Locavore movements that are happening all over the world. This movement has become widespread over the past decade, this has really caused a huge change in the world because it has helped many people and is considered a healthier option, as well as helping sustainability. Locavores, which is what they are called, are eating locally grown food on the daily, not only is this viewed as a more healthier and nutritious option, but it is also very beneficial to the economy. In London, when people purchase or buy local products it “generates twice as much income” (Source A), this is very beneficial for the local economy because the money will be kept within the community. If people buy from a non-locally owned business, the money would leave the community with “every transaction,” which will surely, but slowly affect the community. Another thing that has to be considered when people do not eat…show more content…
When eating local produce or items, it helps the community and local farmers. Not only that but it also really helps small farms rise up again and allows them to be able to support themselves and their families. Another thing that locavores consider, is that when eating locally, it helps prevent greenhouse emission, which is harmful to the atmosphere. Although there is a flaw in one of their beliefs, eating locally is not always the most nutritious and eating locally does not need to be done to be healthy. These two flaws are not incredibly bad and leave more pros than cons. Thus, eating locally may not be MORE nutritious than eating non-local foods, but it definitely has other benefits that not only help people but the planet and world
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