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The logic bomb is “a computer program or a part of program that lies dormant until it is triggered by a specific logical event, such as certain date reached on the system calendar or a person’s rank in an organization dropped below a previous level.” [1] After triggering the logic bomb, the program may activate as performing malicious activities.
It is difficult to detect the logic bomb before it triggers, because they are often embedded in large computer programs, some of which contain thousands of lines of code, and the attacker inserts only three or four lines of computer code into that long programs without anyone detecting the insertion. [2]
When the logic bombs are considered, the table below figures out some famous logic bomb examples:
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Table 1: Examples for Logic Bombs
The first logic bombs were invented by the US Military in 1980s after CIA had found out that the Soviets were trying to steal their computer programs that control oil and gas pipelines. [1] However, after being aware, instead of stopping the Soviets from stealing their computer program, the CIA wonks fiddled with the programs, and then they allowed the Soviets to steal the computer programs. The Soviets stole the computer program, installed the software and it wreaked absolute havoc in their systems. [1]
After the installation, the program commanded the Soviets to pump the gas pipeline at its maximum volume, whereas simultaneously commanding to close the gas pipeline completely. Afterwards, the greatest non-nuclear explosion was realized, the explosion was about over three kilotons. Furthermore, since it is hard to detect logic bombs, Soviets blamed themselves for the explosion, thinking that they had installed the software incorrectly. They did not doubt from the logic bomb they had been through. This event shall be considered as the first logic bomb ever invented for a computer system.
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