Essay On Long Distance Relationship

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Relationships are an essential part of life. There are the relationships in which a couple will hold hands at school as they walk down the hall. They will kiss, hug, and laugh. On Valentine’s Day, they will exchange small, but meaningful, gifts of flowers, stuffed animals, balloons, or chocolates. In this relationship, everything appears to be normal. However, in recent years, a new, popular relationship has emerged. This relationship is much different than the type people are already familiar with today. This is the type of relationship where the couples do not hold hands and walk together. They do not kiss or hug, and they are not able to exchange gifts on special holidays. They do not go out on dates every week. In this relationship, many miles, states, or seas separate the couple. This is what is known as a long-distance relationship. When there is a romantic attraction felt between two people who live a far away from each other, then they will usually start a long-distance…show more content…
These relationships can lead to different problems such as trust issues, anxiety, or in the worst cases, depression and suicidal thoughts. The trust issues began to form quite early. Due to the poor communication, a person may feel as though they are constantly being lied to about, well, everything. Eventually, this person will begin to panic over small things like not receiving a response within a few minutes or being denied a phone call or a video chat session. These things do not necessarily mean the other person has grown bored, but in a long-distance relationship, it is often quite difficult to know the truth. Throughout this time, the anxious partner may begin to lose hope over the situation. This hopelessness could begin to form into sadness and, eventually, a depressive state could overcome the person. Long-distance relationships are meant to be filled with love, not sadness or
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