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Long straight hairstyle for men Surprisingly, but these days men’s long hairstyles are as different as women’s, especially when unfettered by the restrictions imposed by social groups. Long straight hairstyles may be longer than traditional images, and yet they are definitely masculine with clean cut lines and bold hairstyling. The best color for this hairstyle will be rich warm chestnut brown with darker hints of low lighting features. One of the advantages of this long hairstyle for men lies in that the straight styling is quite simple – the only things required are deep-set side parting and sleek, smooth styling for a satin-finished look. This hairstyle for men with long hair can be made unique by adding some textured and more defined weight lines in the upper layers of the hair. These lower layers must be gently cut at the nape area.…show more content…
It goes without saying that very few men are willing to spend a significant amount of time on their hairstyle. However, long hair itself requires a bit more time than the short one. Nevertheless, there are some easy hairstyles for long hair that may help you to spend a little less time if you know a secret. In fact, it is not entirely true that long hair is more high maintenance. A secret lies in that long hair can always be pulled back, even if you didn’t have enough time to wash it the day before. In case you run late, you may refresh your long hair with a little light spray gel or pull it back in a ponytail. 2. You are surely a lucky man if you have texture in your hair. If you own some type of texture, it will create the fine wave. The only trick is to bring it out and when the hair is wet, it is really easy to do. You should scrunch the hair from the bottom to the scalp until the natural wave comes in. You will usually achieve an easy hairstyle for long hair, if you air dry it and, moreover, a grooming cream and a light spray gel naturally dry

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