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he ted talk on longevity was surprisingly interesting to me due to reason changes in my household. I was shocked to find that some of the adjustments my family and I have made directly correlate to extending our expected lifespan. It is interesting to evaluate the many things we can do now to extend our lives. It’s truly empowering to know that I am in control of my future. by making smart choices, adjusting bad habits, and being mindful about our daily routines we can actually change our life for the better. Summary of Buettner’s speech Dan Buettner’s ted talk was a very fascinating look at longevity as a result of life style choices. He evaluated three geographic locations that provided a large number of centenarians, a person who lives to…show more content…
Mr. Buettner’s revealed that most centenarians eat a plant based diet, they engage in physical activity daily, they all have a purpose in their life, and they all have a social connection and are a part of a larger group. The research revealed no connection to socio-economic status, geographic location, or genetics, leading one to believe longevity is an option available to everyone. Connection to me Watching this video made me realize what a truly healthy lifestyle I live. First of all, my diet is on track. In May 2015 I transitioned to a plant based diet. This diet makes me feel more energized and healthier. I am no longer feel fatigued throughout the day, nor do I have the bloated. sluggish feeling after meals. This life choice was then followed by a change in my physical routine. I decided to exercise more often and make movement a priority in my day. In addition to my exercise I have incorporated more outdoor time in my life. My runs are often on trails in the woods where I can enjoy nature, which I often photograph. These decisions have been much more impactful than I initially realized. I now believe these adjustments in my lifestyle have proven to be the best decision for preserving and maintaining good health for my

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