My Semantic Memory: Personal Narrative

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For my application paper I will be using strict vs. loose criterion, divided attention, short-term memory- capacity and duration, semantic memory, and retrieval cues. My choice of profession will be a social worker. 1. Strict vs. loose criterion- a decision criterion that may be placed based on the strength of an item; expectation/ prior knowledge will affect the placement of the criterion. Loose criterion will move the line more to the left because they want to detect even the slightest change. On the other hand, the strict criterion is more to the right because they want more specific force. • Personal example- When I really do not know a person very well, I have a loose criterion. I say this because I have to make sure that person is trustworthy. Therefore, I analyze the different…show more content…
Semantic Memory- it is the memory for facts and names and for schemas to organize our world. • Personal life- I use my semantic memory every single day when I come to school. There are certain things and ways we should act as students. For example, I come to school with my homework done because that is what a student ought to do. If I have questions about something, I talk to my professor. As a result, I am using my semantic memory by knowing how to act like a student and how to go about in college. • Professional life- My semantic memory is going to be very important when I have to learn all the different names of my clients. I have to learn their basic information and facts about the cases. Since I may have many different cases, I will really need my semantic memory to not get names, facts, and cases mixed up. 5. Retrieval Cues- words or other stimuli that helps us retrieve information from memory. • Personal life- Whenever I got mad at my boyfriend, I would remember all the other times he had made mad. Then, if he really made me mad, then I would bring all those past events into the conversation. It doesn’t matter if it occurred months ago, he would still hear about

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