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The family that I conducted the interview was the Lopez family. I met with the family Lopez on November 29, 2016. The last time I had seen them was a year ago. Mrs. Lopez is an old friend of mine from my previous job at a preschool. The Lopez family came over to visit and to get a hair free cut for their son, Sebastian. The family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Lopez, Isabella, and Sebastian. The rest of the family lives in Mexico and they visit them once a year. Sebastian is 5 years old the youngest child. Sebastian was diagnosed with Autism a year and a half ago. Isabella is 7 years old. She is very smart and has no disabilities. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez work Monday through Friday. Mr. Lopez works 7am to 6:00pm. Mrs. Lopez works part time from 11:45 to 3:45 as a preschool teacher. Mrs. Lopez takes the kids to school and picks them up from the babysitter. The babysitter is a friend of Mrs. Lopez that takes care of her children for one hour a day Monday through Friday. Mr. Lopez was very quiet during the interview. Mrs. Lopez did most of the talking because she enjoys talking to people.

The expectations of the Lopez are many. When they get home the children have chores to do. Mrs. Lopez said, “Sebastian need constant reminders of what he needs to do and does everything very well”. Sebastian is
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Andrade about her values, she said, “ We strongly believe in god and pray a lot”. The Lopez family is catholic. They do not go to church every day. They celebrate all the holidays. They celebrate the day of the dead. The Lopez family goes to the cemetery to take flowers to the people that have died and pray the rosary together. For Christmas, Mrs. Lopez takes out their baby Jesus. Everyone kisses baby Jesus and pray the rosary. Other holiday that they celebrate is Thanks giving, they pray before they eat. They eat a traditional Mexican meal. They eat tamales and pozole. Only the four of them celebrate the holidays and spend family quality
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