Argumentative Essay: The Loss Of War

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War brings loss to both soldiers and civilians, which establishes many difficulties for people long after the war has passed. War is relative to the person experiencing it; a war that ends with a peace treaty for one could be a life long mental fight for another. Jobs, homes, and loved ones are subject to loss during times of war. As resources and goods are shipped overseas, people living on domestic home fronts suffer the backlash of the fighting. The ones who inevitably experience the most loss are the soldiers fighting within the war. Experiencing things such as the loss of comrades; the will to fight; mental fortitude; and the will to live. War may bring solution to a problem and bring about peace, but war is always a losing battle in which…show more content…
Sights you see, events you take part in, people you kill never really seem to leave your conscious and sometimes haunt you. This eats away at the sanity of many soldiers who’ve seen the face of the the fight. Joseph Robertson, a WWII veteran, clearly recalls a time from the war when he killed a young german boy. He described the boy he killed as a “blonde, blue eyes, fair skin, so handsome he was like a little angel(German in the Woods). Joseph, at the age of eighty six, still would wake up during the night crying over the german boy he killed and claimed that specific memory the saddest in his lifetime. In the war in those woods he slowly lost his sanity and it haunted him till he pass away. “Dallaire left Rwanda...He returned to Canada, where he was promoted...but the spirits followed him...he was too afraid even to go into his bedroom. He moved office furniture into his living room” and Dallaire states,‘“I’m not the same man I was, the man my wife married”’(Lawson). After Rwanda and seeing so many people die, Dallaire is no longer who he used to be which slowly destroys his home and work environment. Joseph and Dallaire have both lost their ability to be normal due to the gruesomeness of war. War inevitably brings loss from all angles. There are an infinite number of things war does to a person, country, or soldier. When soldiers go back home, if they make it home, they’re still haunted by regret, guilt, and depression. People experience it in their own ways and cope with it differently. War changes people. It’ll takes away someone's humanity and replaces it with holes, instability, and mental defects. Whether you’ve lost a significant other, lost your will to live, or lost your future, civilians and soldiers both indulge in losses when involved in
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