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Love at First Sight, Is It or Is It Not? Does “love at first sight really exist?” Many people claim that “love at first sight” really does exist and happens all the time. However, how lasting and practical, this “love at first sight” is, is not always mentioned. Thus, can “love at first sight” be true love, or simply infatuation, physical attraction, and or lust? Throughout human existence people have always talked about love. People retell love stories and recount that very moment when “they fell in love.” Hence, “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare is an exemplary account of “love at first sight” between two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet. However, this “love at first sight” falls short of the true meaning of love, for it proves to be impractical, short lasting, and futile for it ends in a tragic death. However, before we can have a discussion of whether or not, “love at first sight” really does exist, we must…show more content…
Love at first sight is impractical given that you cannot pretend to love someone that you have not had the chance to get to know. Time gives lovers the opportunity to develop a true relationship and the space to get to know the significant other. Love at first sight, can blind lovers to think that they will live happily ever after. Blinded by infatuation for love, lovers ignore the fact that once you get to know the person; you might end up being incompatible, leading to a separation. For instance a person 's attitude, believes, and personality can nourish or break a relationship. In the case of Romeo and Juliet, it was their families’ feud that would make their “love at first sight” impractical and short lasting. Had their lives not ended in such tragedy, one might wonder, would their love survive their families’ feud? It’s possible that both would have grown tired of the feud and given up. Without question, true love is not something that just happens spontaneously or at first sight, it is through nurture and hard work that true love is
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