Personal Narrative: The Love Of Power

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When I read this on the wall of a friends house, I thought how true this quote is. The love of power is so strong among global scales. Consuming unending amounts of earth oil, cluttering forests, oceans, the land we live on. The lack of respect we have for what we were given through birth. Our mothers and fathers eloped, traveled, lived their lives and granted us the gift of life resulting in our life today. Power, greed, pollution, humiliation, embarrassment, war, drugs, political systems, corporations, government, religion, sex, race, and many more issues and blessings have grown or exploded out of proportion. Yet it seems to me, in my lack of information and education; that we (WORLDWIDE) have not attempted to simply retract our hate for each other, (for whatever reason) create an understanding of unity. In my…show more content…
Over controlling income, currency, food, population and, whatever else? Is it a competition of who has the best machines and who gets the most oil or spices or the best new hi-tech electronic object? Is it to dampen our own potential to become more than we are if the government and social security weren't involved or ever created? I have so many questions, it feels like our spiritual ancestry is mixed from millions of years of "evolution" or being planted here from other planets in ways we can't explain. There's so much we don't know, that those in power do know and, without knowledge, ''we are useless.'' So, why fight, why have to love for power when in more ways than one, we all come from all over the world. For me, my skin is white, I come from mostly English, Scottish, Irish, and Norse, but I also have Mohawk Indian, Iroquois Indian, And my great, great, great (forever ago) grandmother who was African from my knowledge. And who knows, there might be a little bit of everything inside each and every one of us unless culture had prevented such a "sin,
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