Essay On Low Carb Stupidity

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There is an epidemic of "low carb stupidity" running rampant among millions of people throughout the world today and fast food restaurants, food product manufacturers, supplement companies, and weight loss programs are capitalizing on it in a big way! The low carb diet is not inherently "stupid," however; it can be quite beneficial within certain parameters and under the right circumstances. The problem is that many practitioners are uninformed, misinformed, or simply lack the common sense and intuitive bodily wisdom to utilize the low carb approach intelligently. Many low-carbers don 't even know why they are on a low carb diet, they 're just following the followers (Not intelligent!) Doing what everyone else is doing is always one of the surest,…show more content…
Low carb intelligence Knowing that dieting is the worst way to lose fat and that exercise is the best way to lose fat (Burn The Fat, don 't starve the fat). Low carb stupidity #8 Using the argument; "There 's no such thing as an essential carbohydrate" as justification for low carb dieting. Low carb intelligence Realizing that textbook definitions of "essential" can be taken out of context to promote a fad diet and that just because there 's technically no "essential" carbohydrates (as there are essential amino acids and fatty acids) doesn 't mean carbohydrates aren 't "essential" in other respects. Low carb stupidity #9 Using the argument, "You have to eat fat to lose fat" as justification for a high fat, low carb diet, without explaining it or putting it in context (exactly how much fat and what kind of fat?) Low carb intelligence Understanding the importance of essential and omega three fats (the good fats), but not taking any single nutritional principle to an extreme (such as, "If a little fat is good for you then a lot is even better.") Low carb stupidity #10 Saying, "All carbs are bad" or "All carbs are

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