Low Iron During Pregnancy Essay

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Symptoms of Low Iron during Pregnancy

Iron is the most important element of hemoglobin, which is the protein in our Red Blood Cells and carries oxygen to our body’s tissues. Iron is present in each cell of the human body. It boosts the immune system of the body and so is a very crucial for fighting against infections and diseases. It helps to produce WBCs and aids in producing energy. Iron deficiency is called anemia. A person who is anemic gets tired very easily and may faint at times. The face of an anemic person is often pale and the person always feels weak. They have frequent hair loss and suffer from lack of concentration.

Why are women at a higher risk of iron deficiency?
Research has found that women are more susceptible to iron deficiency.
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The baby’s growth may be slowed down in case of severe anemia. Women who are anemic during pregnancy are at a higher risk of delivering a premature baby. Your baby may have low birth weight or suffer from other infections during infancy. The development of your baby may be affected due to this and he/she may also be anemic.
If you lose a lot of blood during the delivery and become anemic, it may lead to many other infections and cause other complications. Many a times, it becomes very difficult to regain the blood that you have lost. This can affect your entire life. Though it is not very common, but at times, the mother may lose her life due to excessive loss of blood during delivery. It is very important to frequent blood tests during the pregnancy to check against anemia and eat a healthy diet so that so you always have enough iron. Even after delivery, when you are breastfeeding your baby, iron supplements should be taken regularly. The baby may draw upon maternal iron and the mother can still become iron

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